Thursday, December 14, 2006

Japanese Male Celebrity Hair Styles

Finding a good stylist can be like searching for your next girlfriend. Ask around and find out which stylist or salon your friends use, or you can ask someone whose hair you admire. Perhaps you have seen a salon around town that looks cool and you’ve been wanting to give it a try.
In this case I would call them up and ask if they specialize in a certain types of haircuts or styles. Would they consider themselves to be modern or classic in their attitude toward style? Edgy or conservative?

You might want to call or drop in a salon and ask if the stylists will give a free consultation before you make an appointment. Find out what their style is and the kind of cuts they are particularly good at cutting. Maybe they are better at certain types of styles than others or maybe they typically do women’s hair. It’s good to find these things out before they start whacking at your hair.

Let your stylist know how much time you spend on your hair. Maybe you aren’t fussy with your hair, or perhaps you only allow a certain amount of time for hair during your morning routine. Are you proficient with a blow-dryer, or do you prefer the natural route? What kinds of styling aids are you used to using?

It’s also important for them to know what your lifestyle is like. Do you work in a conservative environment? Are you a man about town and fashion forward? Ultimately your stylist needs to know how comfortable you are wearing your hair. And make sure you're both on the same page when you get down to details. For example, your stylist may interpret "shaggy” or “shorter on the sides" much differently than you do.

Make sure your stylist shows you how to best style your hair. Do they use the hairdryer in a particular way? What kind of products did they use in your hair? If your stylist doesn't explain what he/she is doing, don't hesitate to ask for an explanation of a technique or term they use. Understanding the language or terminology is key.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a great way to start the conversation. The stylist I have interviewed say that more and more male clients are bringing in photos from magazines and such. With photos your stylist will be able to assess how suitable the cut you like is for your hair, your face shape and lifestyle. They can also suggest alternatives if it's not the perfect cut for you.
Tip appropriately or you may not want your stylist to have a pair scissors near your face the next time you drop in. A Proper tip is 15% to 20% for your stylist & $5 for the person who washes your hair, if someone other than your stylist is doing so.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Japanese Short Hair Styles

The short hair style at the bottom left is especially popular in Hong Kong right now.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Japanese Hair Styles of the Week

Styling Tips for long hair:

Step 1. Blow-dry your hair with your head upside down to achieve maximum volume on the roots. Don't use any product, you just want to get the dampness out.

Step 2. When your hair is almost dry, add a good amount of wax all the way through the roots to the ends. Keep your head upside down when applying it. This will encourage volume at the root were you want it, and it will allow you to separate pieces of hair where desired.

Step 3. Put your head right side up and blow dry with your hands. Using your fingers as a big pick will give your hair the tossled look you want.

Step 4. After you have achieved the desired texture and deliberate disheveled look, add a dime of pomade for shine and light definition.

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Asian Mullet x Infernal Affairs

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hottest Hair Styles for Men Fall 2006 Part 1

Who says White men's hair can't jump?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hair Style #8 Short Hair Style for Men

Pictures of Short Hair Style for Men

Short Hair Style for Men How To Video

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Japanese Celebrity Hair Style from Multiple Angles

Since I've been getting emails ( from members commenting about the right hair lengths for certain hairstyles, I decided to post pictures of a hairstyle in multiple angles so you guys can get a more complete picture. Your barber or stylist will also do a better job on you if they have pictures from all angles.

P.S. I was going to post this using the newest Web 2.0 technology. Yes the one that allows you to view different angles using your mouse cursor. Unfortunately I broke it watching that new Arisa Kanno movie. Understandable really.

Front View

Side View

Back View

Really lives up to the Asian mullet lifestyle: Business in the front, party in the back!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hair Style #7 Spiky Hair Style

Pictures of Hair Style #7: Spiky Hair Style

Spiky Hair Style How To Video

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Best Hair Style Products

Which hair salon and which hair styling products?

I've been getting emails about hair salon and styling product recommendations so here are my suggestions:

Recommended hair salon: You need to find a salon and a stylist that specialize in the Asian mullet. Your best bet is to call or email your nearest Japanese consulate. Sounds really formal, but they will be happy to help you. Another way is to find a stylish J style girl and just ask her where she gets her hair done. Your hair might not be the only thing sticking up using this way.

If you personally know of a good salon or stylist you can email me at

If possible provide the city, name of the salon, phone number, name of the stylist. I'll post it in the blog organized by area.

OK the styling products:

Look for Gatsby and Lucido brand of mat styled wax. You can buy them at the Japanese Mitsuwa supermarkets , Ranch 99 Chinese supermarkets, or Ebay. A substitute you can find at most American drug stores would be Sebastian Xtah Crude Clay.

I've tried many brands of hair wax from the cheap American Crew to the more expensive TIGI Bed Head series and the wax mentioned in the above paragraph will give you a true Asian mullet because they are very dry. Turn the softest hair into hay. Don't worry wild horses won't be trying to chew your hair off.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Man Hair Style #6: Medium Length

Medium Length Hair Style Pictures

Medium Length Hair Style: How To Video

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hair Style #5 The Wet Look

Pictures of the wet look hair style.

The Wet Look Hair Style: How To Video

Friday, October 13, 2006

Asian Hair Style: Detailed Instructions in English Part 2

Pictures of Hair Styles


1. Before applying the wax, blow-dry your hair using a wide skeleton brush and hair dryer make sure you lift the hair from the roots.
step1 photo

2. Take a two finger scoop of wax and spread the wax over your palm.
step2 photo

3. As shown in the picture, start the styling from the nape of your neck and use your fingers to lift the hair up, working towards the top of the head.
step3 photo

4. Now, get tough, use your fingers to scrunch your hair, turn the wrists and pull out the ends; make sure they stick out.
step4 photo

5. For the sides, scoop up your hair from the bottom, grip lightly and then smoothly tease out towards the hair tips and fix it for sticking out.
step5 photo

6. Finally apply the wax smoothly all over the remaining hair and by teasing the hair tips with your fingers set the shape of the silhouette.
step6 photo

Detailed Hair Styling Instructions In English Part 1

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Asian Hair Style #2

Asian Hair Style #2 How To Video

Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to Style Your Hair

I’m going to get this party started by giving you exactly what you want:

How to get your Asian mullet on.

This how to guide and tutorial will show you the techniques to style your own Asian hair.

Be prepared to break necks walking down main street. Don’t be surprised if dangerous looking characters on the street corner wearing Phat Farm and Tims give you the nod of approval and do not be alarmed if groups of otakus follow you around for a bit. Enough jiving here we go:

Asian Hair Style #1 Short Hair Style

Short Hair Style #1 How To Video