Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Best Hair Style Products

Which hair salon and which hair styling products?

I've been getting emails about hair salon and styling product recommendations so here are my suggestions:

Recommended hair salon: You need to find a salon and a stylist that specialize in the Asian mullet. Your best bet is to call or email your nearest Japanese consulate. Sounds really formal, but they will be happy to help you. Another way is to find a stylish J style girl and just ask her where she gets her hair done. Your hair might not be the only thing sticking up using this way.

If you personally know of a good salon or stylist you can email me at asianmullet@yahoo.com

If possible provide the city, name of the salon, phone number, name of the stylist. I'll post it in the blog organized by area.

OK the styling products:

Look for Gatsby and Lucido brand of mat styled wax. You can buy them at the Japanese Mitsuwa supermarkets , Ranch 99 Chinese supermarkets, or Ebay. A substitute you can find at most American drug stores would be Sebastian Xtah Crude Clay.

I've tried many brands of hair wax from the cheap American Crew to the more expensive TIGI Bed Head series and the wax mentioned in the above paragraph will give you a true Asian mullet because they are very dry. Turn the softest hair into hay. Don't worry wild horses won't be trying to chew your hair off.

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