Friday, October 13, 2006

Asian Hair Style: Detailed Instructions in English Part 2

Pictures of Hair Styles


1. Before applying the wax, blow-dry your hair using a wide skeleton brush and hair dryer make sure you lift the hair from the roots.
step1 photo

2. Take a two finger scoop of wax and spread the wax over your palm.
step2 photo

3. As shown in the picture, start the styling from the nape of your neck and use your fingers to lift the hair up, working towards the top of the head.
step3 photo

4. Now, get tough, use your fingers to scrunch your hair, turn the wrists and pull out the ends; make sure they stick out.
step4 photo

5. For the sides, scoop up your hair from the bottom, grip lightly and then smoothly tease out towards the hair tips and fix it for sticking out.
step5 photo

6. Finally apply the wax smoothly all over the remaining hair and by teasing the hair tips with your fingers set the shape of the silhouette.
step6 photo

Detailed Hair Styling Instructions In English Part 1


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